8-15 years | april / may / june 2024

6 or 12 weeks | 2 age ranges | 4:00-6:15pm weekly
Mondays 12-15 years | wednesdays 8-11 years

Join us this spring and take your kids riding to the next level!

Fuelled by fun, this multi-week program is the perfect way for kids to develop and safely progress their riding. 

Working through the six skills of mountain biking; incorporating a mixture of practice drills, progressions, and trail riding, we teach kids how to become better riders. 

We encompass a supportive team philosophy and aim to build a growth mindset to foster success in sports and life endeavours.

This program is for ages 8-15 who already have a good foundation of MTB skills looking for further development. Each night has a different age range and we work hard to build ability-matched groups.

Coaching sessions will run one evening per week from 4:00-6:15 pm

This year we have two six-week blocks to choose from or book both for the ultimate twelve weeks of shredding and enjoy a discounted price.

Don’t see what you’re looking for, please reach out and we’d be happy to help.

We understand kids develop at different rates and are able to consider some very strong 7 year olds for this program. Contact us before booking and we’ll do our best to make it work.

dates & pricing 2024

Spring MTB Club

6 week program

Block 1 | april-may | 2024

Monday’s | ages 12-15 | April 1st-May 6th

Wednesday’s | ages 8-11 | April 3rd-may 8th

block 2 | may-june | 2024

Monday’s | ages 12-15 | may 13th-June 17th

Wednesday’s | ages 8-11 | May 15th-june 19th


12 week program

april | may | june | 2024

monday’s | ages 12-15 | April 1st-june 17th

Wednesday’s | ages 8-11 | april 3rd-june 19th


Riding levels

At SMBA we know that matching the ability of our groups with the right experience is a sure-fire way to create the best learning environment. Please read on and find the level that best suits your child, or contact us to help pick the right package.

 Remember this is just a guide to aid us in group building. We generally have more than one group running with a split in abilities, so theres likely options to move athletes to where they’re most suited even after the program starts. 

For this program we’re using the Alice lake and Diamond head trail networks so typical climbs to LOA, Rollercoaster, Man boobs, Psuedo Tsuga, half nelson zones.

  • Comfortable Riding:

All green trails and most blue trails but need some help clearing tricky blue sections and some blue-rated technical trail features.


  • Working On/Towards:​

Bunny hops, tabletop jumps, small drops, trail flow, roll downs, blue/black rock rolls and features.


  • Stamina

Can ride at a steady pace for 1-2 hours with regular breaks.

  • Comfortable Riding:

All blue trails and most black trails but still needs some help on tricky black sections and black-rated technical trail features. 

  • Working On/Towards:

Manuals, gap jumps, drops, advanced line choice, black rock rolls and features, increasing trail speed and flow. 

  • Stamina

Can ride at a steady pace for 2-3 hours with regular breaks.

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