Manager & coach

Emigrating from the UK in 2017, Sam quickly fell in love with BC and the trails he now calls home. With a background in BMX the transition to MTB was fast and his BMX roots can be seen in his smooth, stylish riding.

His love of sports and the power they have for creating connection and developing life skills is what motivates Sam as a coach. A student of sports psychology and high level performance, implementing this knowledge into his coaching practices is what sets Sam apart.

Sam’s experience in a professional soccer academy as a youth was part of the inspiration for the Squamish Mountain Bike Academy. Taking elements from this and introducing them to MTB is his aim in creating something amazing for the sport of mountain biking.

With Sam’s personal, holistic approach, knowledge of the sport and ability to connect with others, he has the tools required to help people reach their MTB goals and nurture potential into success.  



Originally from Catalunya in the Pyranees, Bernat’s life has centered around sports since a very young age. Coming from a sports loving family, he participated and competed in a multitude of activities such as tennis, soccer, swimming, skiing, enduro motorbike, and mountain biking.

Following what he loves, Bernat has a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Science with the goal of transmitting his intrinsic motivation to others. He aims to give the tools needed for people to find their connection to the sport.

Bernat is a certified CSIA 3 ski coach PMBIA 2 bike coach, and a level 1 mountain guide. He applies his passion for outdoor sports into his pedagogy, and he works hard to help others get more involved and enjoy every moment of the activity.

During his 6 years of professionally teaching both skiing and mountain biking, Bernat has developed the necessary tools to help students push the edges of their abilities and raise the bar of success.

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