SMBA Riding levels

At SMBA we know that matching the ability of our groups with the right experience is a sure fire way to create the best learning environment. We operate on a three level system for adults, and our youth programming is split into two groups. Please read on and find the level that best suits you or your child, or contact us to help pick the right package. 



comfortable riding:

All green trails and most blue trails but needs some help clearing tricky blue sections and some blue rated technical trail features.

Working on/towards:

Bunny hops, table top jumps, small drops, trail flow, roll downs, blue/black rock rolls and features.


Can ride at steady pace for 1-2 hours with regular breaks.


Comfortable Riding:

All blue trails and most black trails but still needs some help on tricky black sections and black rated technical trail features. 

Working On/Towards:

Manuals, gap jumps, drops, advanced line choice, black rock rolls and features, increasing trail speed and flow. 


Can ride at steady pace for 2-3 hours with regular breaks.

SMBA Riding Levels

Adult Levels



You are in your first or second season of mountain biking, a beginner looking to learn the basic skills and some basic manoeuvres. Looking to gain confidence and control on green trails and working towards easy blue trails.

You'd like to learn

Basic body positions, braking technique off road, how to descend with control, how to climb with efficiency, how to safely ride rough terrain, cornering technique.


Comfortable riding off road for 1-3 hours.



You’ve been riding mountain bikes for a few years, an intermediate rider, comfortable on blue trails and starting to explore black trails. Looking to push your riding to the next level and conquer those blacks and harder features.

you'd like to learn

Jumps, drops, rock rolls, bunny hops, faster trail speeds and cornering, more technical trails and features, steeper terrain.


Comfortable riding for 2-5 hours.



You’re an intermediate to advanced rider comfortable on black trails, looking to add more speed and style to your riding and move towards some double black trails.

you'd like to learn

Increased speed on steeper and more technical terrain, gap jumps, progression to bigger jumps, drops and features, manuals, stoppies.


Comfortable riding for 3-7 hours.