Advanced MTB Development program

9-15 years | spring-summer-fall-winter

Starting April 2nd 2024

welcome to the academy:
gold standard development

An advanced MTB program for mountain bike athletes wanting a performance training package to push through the boundaries of their capacity and achieve limitless potential. During this full season program we provide the knowledge, skills and conditions needed to reach the top. 

Our methods grow performance, cultivate passion, and build intrinsic motivation in a fun, safe environment, where talent can grow without pressure or risk of burnout. Helping young athletes carve their own path, the way they want. Our goal is to develop mountain bike skills, athletic performance, and the personal growth necessary to succeed in both sports and personal life endeavours. All facilitated in a supportive team environment.

Fun combined with performance is the basis of this program: “When we’re confident, we have a lot of fun, when we have fun we can achieve incredible things.” That’s why we coach to build character, confidence, and develop a growth mindset.

Utilizing the latest coaching methods and technology, our weekly coaching sessions create a melting pot for talent to thrive. Anchored in sustainable long term athlete development, SMBA create a team culture while instilling our core values of perseverance, hard work, resilience, belonging, believing, humility, freedom, joy, kindness and equality.  

“Much more than your typical training program, this is training for life”


  • PMBIA qualified coaches
  • Global and Holistic teaching methods
  • Objective performance measurement instruments 
  • Race simulation
  • Athletic development with calisthenic & proprioception focus
  • Bike Maintenance & Set up
  • Dirt Jump Sessions
  • Airhouse training sessions
  • Race support for local SORCA races, Squamish Enduro, some Phat Wednesday’s & Select BC Cup events
  • Max group size 6
  • VALUES in MOUNTAIN sports and in LIFE


What we will do?


Far more than just a bike based training program, in the Academy we use multiple training modalities: including dry-land training & cross training, to grow the whole athlete. By training in this way we can further develop our capacities on the bike, expanding in ways beyond bike only training programs.  

Air Time & Coordination Technification

  •  Air-House Sessions
  •  Air And Coordination Jump Skills Training

Video Analysis Recording And Feedback

Race Simulation 

Foundations Of Nutrition & Resting In A Performance Sport

Growth Mindset

  • How Our Brain Works
  • Understand Our Emotions And Transfer Them To A Racing Scenario.

Mechanical Bike Set Up

Shuttle rides

Team Building Activities

  • Climbing/Bouldering 
  •  Lake Activities

Physical Athletic Development

Proprioception And Vestibular System Work Out. Includes Methodological Progressions On A Slack Line, Fit-Ball, Bossu, Trx….And Understand The Reasons Why Sis Vestibular Is Much Essential.

Agility Circuits With And Without A Bike, Based On What the athlete Needs To Grow And Improve In The Range Of Age That They Are Right Now. (Displacement, Manipulation, Orientation, And Body Scheme)

Calisthenics Focuses On Exercises And Drills. A Deeper Understanding Of Types Of Coordination And Why We Have And Use Them.

Who's this program for?

This program is for those who have an interest in mountain biking beyond the recreational side of the sport. With a vision of performance and view to a future in racing or professional mountain bike disciplines. 

In order to maximise the potential of this course we need to ensure groups are of similar ability and therefore ask athletes to answer some screening questions as part of signing up. New athletes may also be asked to participate in a bike skills riding test prior to enrolment in the program.

Please click the button below and submit the form to book this program or contact us if you have any questions.

dates & Pricing

spring module

Starting April 2nd to june 20th

Tuesdays and Thursdays every week from 4:00-6:15pm


(monthly payment plan options available.

Please contact for details)

  • 24 training sessions 
  • professional coaches
  • on and off bike training
  • local race support
  • in house races
  • 6 athletes per group
  • group selection to challenge athlete and facilitate growth
  • fun, supportive, team dynamic
  • Dharco/SMBA Team training Jersey
  • not to be missed


Starting july 2nd to august 22nd

coming soon.....

did somebody say: "Fall & winter programs!" -hold on to your hat, we're coming...

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