Summer lesson program

9-week's mTB coaching

8-16 years | july-august 2022

9 weeks | 9 coaching sessions

Make the most of summer this year with our 9-week MTB lesson program!

Covering the 6-skills of mountain biking, we create fun sessions to help build a solid base of the critical fundamentals. Use a mixture of skill sessions and trail riding with skill progressions to ride more technical features and safely develop advanced techniques.

SMBA’s professional, fun, experienced coaches select trails, terrain and features to match the ability of the group to ensure the best, safest environment for the potential to grow.

Coaching sessions will run one day per week from 9:00-12:00pm through-out the nine week summer break. 


  • Modern correctly sized mountain bike in good mechanical condition with quality brakes, gears and tires.
  • Helmet, gloves, knee pads (well fitted)
  • Spare tube
  • Rain jacket
  • Snacks and water
  • Suitable riding footwear, flat shoes recommended or MTB specific footwear if possible


  • PMBIA certified coaches
  • 9 week program
  • 9 x 3 hour coaching sessions
  • 9:00-12:00pm
  • 1:6 coach ratio
  • Ability matched groups

riding skills:

At a minimum, kids should be comfortable riding off-road and on mountain bike trails for extended periods. Able to stand up and balance whilst maintaining control of the bike, operate hand brakes to control speed, and understand changing gears. Also have some experience of riding basic features, rollers and riding over roots.

Please choose from the following level guide to help us create well-matched groups when booking. It’s only a guide, and we can move riders between groups if necessary throughout the program.

Comfortable riding: All green trails and progressing towards blue trails and some blue rated technical trail features.

Working on/towards: Front wheel lifts, rear wheel lifts, bunny hops, wheelies, improved brake control, roll downs, small table top jumps, cornering techniques.

Stamina: Can ride at a steady pace for 1-2 hours with regular breaks.

Comfortable riding: All blue trails and progressing towards black trails and black rated technical trail features.

Working on/towards: manuals, gap jumps, drops, cornering techniques, advanced line choice, increased trail speed and flow.

Stamina: Can ride at a steady pace for 2-3 hours with regular breaks.

Comfortable riding: All black trails and progressing towards double black trails and double black rated technical trail features.

Working on/towards: Bigger jumps and drops, linking technical sections, steeper terrain, double black features, adding speed, gapping sections, tricks and flicks.

Stamina: Can ride at a steady pace for 4-5 hours with regular breaks.

2022 dates & pricing:


11-13 years

July 4th-August 29th


8-10 years

July 5th-August 30th


14-16 years

July 6th-August 31st